Relevant experience:

  • Involvement and experience of a few National Behavioral Change Communication (BBC) and Reproductive Health /IEC campaigns;
  • Experience on BBC community outreach services;
  • Knowledge and professional experience on Life Skills Based Education (LSBE) implementation and coordination;
  • Experience on working with mass media, including trainings for mass media on LSBE/RH/STIs/HIV/AIDS/drugs, alcohol, tobacco, abuse and violence prevention;
  • Advanced experience on conducting trainings for different targets and professional groups on LSBE/RH/HIV/AIDS etc.
  • Suitable knowledge and skills on translation (English-Romanian, English-Russian and vice-versa) and developing /producing of educational materials, methodological recommendations, brochures and video materials regarding LSBE, using best international practices;
  • Extensive working knowledge and experience on elaboration of thematic posters and visual graph/charts/booklets etc;
  • Extensive experience on Peer to Peer education programmes, including peer-outreach activities for most-at-risk and especially vulnerable adolescents and young people;
  • Advanced skills on planning, coordination, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the professional trainings for school teachers, medical doctors and nurses, school psychologists;
  • Involvement in development and production of the video-guide for school teachers on “Decisions for a Healthy Life Style”;
  • Extensive professional knowledge and experience in educational policies and strategies development;
  • Substantial relevant experience in publishing of the Guidebooks for school teachers and Curriculum development, coordination and its approval;
  • Advanced trainers’ skills and involvement on similar training activities in the Eastern Europe and Central Asia region;

Proven experience in projects:

  • Support to Extended and Improved Access to Life Skills-Based Education on Reproductive Health (Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health, UNICEF, UNFPA, UNESCO)
  • Ensuring high quality of peer-education activities in Moldova through the development and implementation of National Standards on peer-education project (ME, UNFPA).
  • Promoting access to basic services, human security and social inclusion among vulnerable groups in Moldova project (MLSPF, UNFPA).
  • Youth and HIV/AIDS prevention (joint project ME, UNICEF, UNFPA)
  • Healthy Chooses for Youth: HIV/AIDS prevention in rural area (MoE, Catholic Relief Services (CRS) Moldova branch)
  • Coordination of project “Education of all-Fast track initiative” (ME, WB, UNICEF, EFA-FTI)
  • Coordination of project “Financing support for higher education sector” (ME, UNESCO).

Current activities:

–  During November – December 2011, CEDES in partnership with UNFPA an OMS launched Project pilot for trainings for medical nurses in schools from Chisinauto test the curricula and the module on reproductive health and to improve both documents based on the pilot training results and recommendations provided by partners involved in this process.

–  150 medical nurses in schools from Chisinau and Falesti and Hincesti districts ware trains on Reproductive Health module and LSBE in the period April 9 –May 18, 2012. These trainings were supported by Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health, Education Department, UNFPA and Swiss Agency of Development and Cooperation SDC.

– During May-June 2012, trainings of  primary healthcare professionals (doctors-gynecological  and mid-wife) from Chishinau and different districts from Moldova (Falesti, Floresti, Glodeni, Balti), in RH/FP counseling, contraceptives technology and HIV prevention,  trafficking according to the 6-day curricula developed together with MH, UNFPA and Medicine de Monde (MDM – Misssion in Moldova) is one of the key achievements is registering. These professionals have been equipped to offer quality RH/FP counseling, have basic diagnosis skills and are able to make appropriate referrals.

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Project coordinator of CEDES

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