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„Hug your child, don’t beat him!”

We all know that love, communication and respect are the most efficient ways to raise a child. Do not be indifferent when children are subject to violence, physical or otherwise, by adults. This child could be one of your neighbors.

You must be between 12 and 25 years of age to participate in the contest and to do so you should follow these steps:

  • Category – photos and drawings

These can highlight efforts to combat violence against children; a child who has endured violence can become violent and uncommunicative in the future; indifference towards children subject to physical or psychological abuse. Works reflecting happy children in their families and communities are also very welcome!

The more explanatory your submissions, the more awareness you can raise about preventing violence against children.

  • Category – essays

Essays can be written in any form, from poetry to letters, raising awareness about the issue with adults in the community, such as parents, grandparents, teachers, and social helpers. These essays should encourage adults to avoid using violence as a method of child-rearing, and to not be indifferent to cases of abuse that they witness or hear about.


All you have to do is fill out and submit an application on the World Bank official website www.worldbank.org.md, attach your work (e.g..: photo, essay, drawing) and send it to the following address: Chişinău, str. Puşkin 20/1 or by e-mail to: youthvoicegroup@gmx.com!

Deadline for submissions is May 15, 2013. deadline extended – MAY 20

If you care about preventing child abuse and raising awareness about it, this contest offers a unique chance to demonstrate your interest through a photo, drawing or an essay. If you are between 12 and 25 years of age, participate!

The best submissions will be published in a brochure entitled „Hug your child, don’t beat him!”. There is no limit to the number of submissions from a single applicant.  Each one of them will bring you closer to the big prize! For details, contact us at: youthvoicegroup@gmx.com or by phone at (+ 373 22) 222 465.

The contest is organized independently by the Youth Voices Group, and supported by the World Bank.

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In the EU during last four decades the disadvantages faced by disabled persons, their social exclusion and discrimination against them have been increasingly perceived to constitute human rights issues, rather than matters to be dealt with exclusively through social welfare measures.

To achieve the PROJECT OBJECTIVES, the partnership will develop the following specific aims: (a) Improve social inclusion training itineraries existing for people with intellectual disabilities, transforming them into innovative itineraries based on the use of the methodology and resources of cooperative learning, which allow people with intellectual disabilities to be active agent in the teaching and learning process (b)Train the staff responsible for training people with intellectual disabilities to implement cooperative learning methodology, its resources and instruments. 6 partners are part of the consortium. It tries to reflect the heterogeneity of the European Union and Russia , this consortium is used to work with the target group of the project. The consortium combines the experience of Esenler Ortopedik Engelliler Dernegi, SHG and NAMOI , working with social enterprises having intellectual disabled employees with the experience of Y4F (coordinator) . The work PSIHO and AMICOS associations of disabled people with considerable experience in the training of their target group. These two entities has no previous experience managing Erasmus+.

project, in the case both are new come in ERASMUS+ programme. The distribution of the activities is based on the different fields of expertise from the partners. The seven main ACTIVITIES to be developed by our project are: Development of specific training itinerary in the pre-work competences Development of specific training itinerary in work competences needed to keep a job. Development of specific training itinerary in work competences needed to create self-employment with support.


The project is intended as a source of information and reference for parents who have a child with special needs. The intended and most important message of the stakeholders for the parents of children with special needs is making them feel that ‘THEY ARE NOT ALONE!’ The main aim of “SPECIAL PARENTS-SPECIAL KIDS-EQUAL TREATMENT ” project is, the promotion of psycho-social adjustment and to raise the quality of life of the families with children who are at risk of development or disabled by guiding, counseling and training services through ensuring active participation in the education of their children. We think that children benefit most from their education when parents and professionals work together as partners.

The consortium of the project consists of 6 different countries: Cyprus, Estonia, Italy, Russia, the United Kingdom and Romania. Our target group is the parents of children with special needs. Each country will work with at least 40 parents (total 240) during the project lifetime. 60 (out of) participants will be the people with fewer opportunities.