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Four National Trainers to provide trainings on reproductive health for school nurses




Job Title:                           National Trainer

Duration of assignment:    2013-2017

Duty station:                     Chisinau, Republic of Moldova

Reference to Project:  Center for Education and Development in Health (CEDES) is an implementing partner of the UNFPA Country Programme 2013-2017 under the Output 3 “Enhanced capacity of national institutions and CSOs to plan, implement and monitor age-appropriate SRH education, as well as a programme to prevent HIV and STIs for young people and key populations.”



School Health Services (SHS) have an imperative role for the education and developing life skills of adolescents in any country. Currently the role of the SHS in Moldova is not fully explored to build on a healthy young generation. Government, international organizations and civil society representatives from Moldova understand the importance of improving these services in the circumstances Life Skills Based Education is almost absent from school education cycle.

The assessment of school health services in the Republic of Moldova that was conducted in 2011 revealed the necessity of capacity building of school health nurses on adolescent reproductive health and rights. The curriculum of the training was developed by the National College of Medicine and Pharmacy in cooperation with different national stakeholders and development partners. The training has the major objective to increase the level of knowledge about adolescents’ health among school health nurses; to strengthen communication skills with young people on health matters and provide resource materials for facilitating education activities in schools. The first trainings were piloted in 2011 and the curricula were improved and adjusted to the learning needs of the beneficiaries.

Four national trainers are required to provide capacity building trainings for 355 school nurses from different rayons of the country.


The objective of this assignment is to deliver capacity building trainings on adolescent reproductive health for school nurses.


The trainers will have to deliver 14 trainings during 2013-2017. The timeframe for each of the training will be agreed in advance. The each training will last five days and will be held in Chisinau for school nurses from different rayons. The trainers will have to:

  1. Work together to prepare agenda and hand-outs for participants and deliver the trainings.
  2. Develop recommendations to CEDES to improve training methodology and curricula based on the challenges and results of the trainings.




1. Provide 14 trainings on reproductive health for school nurses based on existing curricula.
2. Submit training report, including recommendations to improve training methodology and curricula based on the challenges and results of the trainings.


  • Academic background: degree on public health, obstetrics/ genecology, sociology and other relevant fields;
  • At least three years of experience in proving training on reproductive health issues for medical personnel and/or social workers;
  • Experience in developing training methodologies;
  • Teamwork and facilitation skills;
  • Fluent in Romanian and Russian languages.
  • Good computer skills including working knowledge of Word, Power Point etc.

Institutional arrangements:

The trainers shall work under the close supervision of the CEDES Coordinator. The trainers are expected to coordinate themselves for joint work; however, they are required to participate in the preparatory and post training meetings.


Interested persons should submit their

CVs in Romanian or English language

by 10 September 2013 to: .



Interviews will be held locally. Only those short-listed will be contacted.


This event will be held in Kaunas, Lithuania

from 23-08-2013 to 30-08-2013 

Is funded by the Youth in Action Programme. It will gather together 42 youngsters, coming from 6 participating countries to build a bridge between young people from European Union and youngster from Eastern Europe to share information, values, break prejudges among the youth and to strengthen fraternity using the power and effectiveness of art and dance building a common Europe.


Apply and dance with us!

Summary of the project:

“TolerDance” is a youth exchange between Romania, Italy, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova and Lithuania which will be realized by association “MEMOVE” in Kaunas.

Dance is an important part of culture and throughout our human history was an effective way of communication. All around the world people danced to express themselves, present the culture and to get sense of belonging. Message hidden in the movements has always been strong and is fantastically showing the soul of the performer. Getting to know traditional dances of different nations will help as to search for similarities. The final result of the workshops will be an interactive activity with a performance of the different group dancing all together as one big international group deriving from all traditions. One week length youth exchange will be implemented in Jadagoniq village , in Lithuania in the venue which is located next to Nemunas river.

The venue has lot to offer to participants in term of outside activities and cultural heritage and this element can contribute in intercultural learning of people who will be part of this project. Moreover, Kaunas -the second largest city in Lithuania is not far from this village, so we will have opportunity to implement the project final action there to multiply the effect of our work and give chance to much more local youngsters to be influenced by the YiA programme.

If you are interested please send a CV and motivation letter to till 30 June 2013

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